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Replace Your Conservatory Roof Once and For All

Are you tired of feeling the bitter winter chill in the morning, where there’s little distinction between the temperature from outside to indoors? Or alternatively, are you fed up of feeling flustered in the summertime, where the room temperature is only comparable to that of a sauna? Does the exterior of your home make you feel deflated?

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Do I need Planning Permission for a Conservatory Roof Conversion

Unlike other companies who may avoid the subject of building control requirements, Thermolite ensures that our customers are aware of the following point. If you are converting your existing conservatory roof from a Glass or Polycarbonate roof to a lightweight roof, you will require building control approval and certification of the overall installation.

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Help! My Conservatory Roof is Leaking

The most common causes of conservatory roof leaking is due to a gap or crack in the frames of the conservatory. This tends to be commonly associated with polycarbonate roofing given its lightweight material, rendering on-going and potentially costly maintenance.

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