Are you tired of feeling the bitter winter chill in the morning, where there’s little distinction between the temperature from outside to indoors? Or alternatively, are you fed up of feeling flustered in the summertime, where the room temperature is only comparable to that of a sauna?  

Does the exterior of your home make you feel deflated as the changing seasons continue to wear down external polycarbonate materials, reducing your once beautiful conservatory to a decrepit shell of its former self.

Are you frustrated as you continue to pay expensive electrical bills for a space that’s never fully utilised?

Well have you considered a conservatory roof conversion? 

The trend of installing a polycarbonate roof has been and gone, and people are increasingly discovering the disadvantages to these outdated and impractical roofing systems – transitioning to a more cost-effective alternative: A solid roof conservatory conversion. 

And,with Thermolite Roofs, it’s never been easier to convert your glass or polycarbonate roof for high-quality tiles at an extremely cost-effective price. So, whether you’re contemplating converting or still deliberating your options, here’s 5 ways a conservatory roof conversion can provide added value to your home…

Conservatory Roof Conversion

A Room For all Seasons

Disheartened when staring at the gloomy empty space in your home, which was once full of life but has increasingly become neglected? And, no matter how hard you try, you can never find quite the right level of comfort – either freezing cold in the winter or hot and stuffy in the summer?

Conservatory roof conversions have the advantage of keeping your home temperature regulated throughout every season.

As the ceiling is plastered and insulated accordingly, you can get all the warmth you want during the winter. Yet, as roof panels are precision made from lightweight tiles, every panel contains a thick layer of insulation to prevent the warm weather making your conservatory roof too hot during the summer.

Conservatory roof conversions are the perfect solution for those who want the ease and cost-effectiveness of a conservatory with natural light.

Additionally, as a homeowner there’s nothing more frustrating than having a leak in your home – a factor which is synonymous to polycarbonate roofs. Thus, Tiled conservatory roofs provide the added bonus of withstanding the test of time (or the force of unpredictable weather), avoiding the on-going and potentially costly maintenance of quick leak fixes.

Looks Aesthetically Pleasing

They say looks don’t mean everything, but when it comes to your home – they do!

In fact, a glass or polycarbonate roof overtime tends to deteriorate and look ugly – lacking the smooth transition across the house. As a result, making you resentful and lack pride in your place of residence.

At Thermolite, we supply extremely high-quality tiles in a range of colours, manufactured  to withstand drastic weather conditions. This means your conservatory roof tiles can coordinate beguilingly with your existing ones, presenting a seamless conservatory roof conversion – not just a bolt-on. In turn, restoring pride in your home.

A Cost-Effective Investment

Wasted space is expensive. And, when you’re not fully utilising all the space in your home but still incurring costly electrical bills, this is extremely frustrating from a customer’s perspective. 

Conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs don’t tend to add significant value to a house, as buyers know only too well that they are inheriting a negative when it comes to non-converted conservatories.

This then poses the question of how you can reduce this financial waste (or at least utilise this space more effectively)? 

At Thermolite Roofs, we acknowledge this difficulty and so have devised a solution. By carefully and efficiently upgrading your roof from polycarbonate to tiles, we can add significant value to your property at a competitive price. And, this added value to your property is greater than the total cost of the conversion.  

Even if you are not considering moving, you can now begin to make use of the converted room regularly (as opposed to avoiding it during extreme weather conditions):  saving money exponentially on annual energy bills due to the tile installation.

You and your family can now transform your conservatory into an additional room suited to any purpose – from a dining room to a games room, the options are limitless!

Ultimate Privacy

Are you sick of hearing the noisy neighbours, or the torrents of rain rapidly ravaging your plastic roof? Or are you self-conscious of neighbouring homes seeing into your living space, lacking the desired intimacy you expect in your home? 

Well, unlike glass or polycarbonate roofing, Thermolite’s tiled conservatory roof installations provide customers with a soundproof and sheltered conservatory roof, meaning you can relax and unwind in your home free from any external distractions. 

A Saturday night curled up in front of the television never felt so good.

Minimal Upheaval

One of the biggest hindrances with any home improvement is that in many cases it can be time-consuming, costly and a major inconvenience to the functionality of your home. 

With this in mind, you may obtain the mentality of ‘why fix something that’s not broken’.  

However, whilst your glass or polycarbonate roof may be functioning at this moment in time, the longer you leave your conservatory to deteriorate, the costlier the repair tends to be in the end. This means you will waste an extended period of time not fully utilising the space in your home, paying costly electric bills and subsequently forking out additional charges for a roof replacement.

The best part about conservatory conversions is that they only take 3-5 working days to fully install.

At Thermolite Roofs, we do not employ salesmen and only the owners of the business will call to see you. This way, all requirements, technical advice and free measuring of your conservatory roof will be completed before fitting the new tiles – speeding up the installation process and minising any disruption. By the weekend, you will have your home and newly refurbished space all to yourself, at both a much cheaper price and shorter time frame than a home extension. 

By changing to a tiled conservatory roof, you will convert the space into an additional room that can be used comfortably all year round. Conservatories are notorious for being completely uninhabitable for half the year – too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. Thermolite Roofs will therefore alleviate this problem, whilst also minimising noise levels, reducing electrical costs and ultimately adding real value to your home.

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